Why Work With KAD e-Tech?

We are one of the pioneers in these services and we have been able to ensure the highest quality services to our worldwide clients. We help our clients to make their office paperless and more efficient. With our qualified staff and updated technologies one can be assured of high standard within competitive prices.

As our professionals understand the importance of these services, we provide personalized attention to each project. We can analyze, plan and execute a project as per the requirements of our clients.

We always believe that there is an e-Solution for every data problem, which can be

  • Environment Friendly
  • Ergonomically Viable
  • Efficient
  • Economic
  • Electronic

Why KAD e-Tech Services?

  • Secure & Confidential data services. ​
  • Highly Innovative Business Infrastructure. ​
  • Data processed with latest technologies and software.
  • Domain Expertise in Multiple Industries.
  • Affordable pricing.
  • Customized services that suits our client’s requirements. ​
  • Best Turnaround time.
  • 99%+ Accuracy.
  • Commitment to Perfection.
  • Access to qualified associates.

Industry We Serve




Learning & Education




FMCG & Retail


Finance & Banking


Real Estate




Media & Entertainment


Sports & Games


IT & Telecom



KAD e-Tech Security & Infrastructure

Restricted Access

Only authorized personnel are allowed to access the premises

Secure access

Data access and transfer through VPN or by FTP.

Non-Disclosure Agreements

Strict confidentiality agreements with all employees with strict in junctures on non-disclosure of company or client's confidential information at any time

Power Backup

Equipped with Backup Power Systems that provide the most Reliable, Uninterrupted Power for system and internet during blackouts, and outages


Security measures including the use of smart cards, with log in/log off procedures so that the movement of staff is monitored at all times.

Secure workstations

Firewalls and anti-virus programs are in place on computers.


Regular monitoring and auditing of existing security measures

Broadband Internet

We have Broadband Internet connectivity from Biggest Private Telecom Company. We also have a wire free leased line as a backup plan.

KAD e-Tech Quality

  • We ensure that client specifications and requirements with respect to the project are achieved. We also ensure compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements.​
  • Measures are in place to ensure that work is carried out with the desired level of efficiency. ​
  • Maintenance and enhancement of current process standards occurs regularly.
  • We ensure that all our processes are functioning successfully because of meticulous implementation.
  • Data Entry Process monitoring is carried out regularly. Measures to ensure quality of data entry processes; error detection and removal; manual verification is performed on top of the automation.
  • We have regular upgrades of technology & ongoing development of staff. ​
  • We give high priority to technological competence. ​
  • Quality standards are enforced and maintained rigorously.
  • Regular reports are sent to the clients so that their feedback can be availed.
  • Checking, verification and validation of the data is carried out before the completion of project.

KAD e-Tech Pricing


The client pays only when transactions are executed as per the business requirement.This will be customized as per client needs.


The client pays for the number of hours used for completing the project. This will be customized as per client needs.

Full Time Rates

This scheme allows you to obtain the services of a full-time data entry professional for the extent of the project.