KAD e-Tech made our first experience with off-shore speaker bureau attendee and receipt reconciliation successful process which we plan to repeat many times in the future. The work they produced alleviated any concerns we had about whether a company half-way around the globe could meet our speaker bureau data reconciliation entry needs.

This is a fantastic company. They do EXACTLY what they say the'll do, when, how and on budget! They complete the work correctly with minimal input saving me cost! Couldn't be more happy!

KAD e-Tech has enabled our team to maintain focus on the big opportunities in front of us by making it easy to extend our team globally and taking repetitive data work off our plate.

Kad e-Tech is a start to finish company with a high level of project involvement and proactive attitude. The work has maintained a quality reputation and attracted clients. Recommended for great attention to detail and a strong work culture.

Before KAD e-Tech we relied on crowdsourcing and local staffing. We now trust them with a larger share of our work. Recently they helped us beat a major cost savings goal by over 100% and continue to exceed our expectations in terms accuracy and efficiency.